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Wings of War 2011 releases

Nexus Games have posted details on their planned expansions for the Wings of War series in 2011. From their website:
Wings of War, the game series which recreates aerial combat in the XX century, will continue to grow in 2011 with several new releases covering the first and the second World War series, as well as new miniatures. NG International, the game’s publisher, is working on several new products that will be released this year. For the World War I period, two new series of miniatures will be released. Wings of War WWI Miniatures: Giants of the Sky will introduce the bombers Caproni CA.3 and Gotha G.V, each in two different painting schemes, and will be released in june 2011. Afterwards, NG International will release the 5th miniatures series, featuring four new airplanes, Fokker E.III, Halberstadt D.III, Morane-Saulnier and Airco D.H.2, each one in three different painting schemes. The new releases for WW2 include the boxed set Rain of Destruction, which will introduce into the game multi-engine bombers and heavy fighters such as the B-25 Mitchell, He.111 and Me.110, with all related rules. Two expansions featuring 70 cards with new planes and maneuver decks are also planned: Winds of Fire (Hurricane, Zero and other fighters of the Pacific front) and Ground Attack (Ilyushhin II-2 Sturmovik and other dive bombers). In the WW2 miniatures line, a first series of Bombers Packs is also coming this year, introducing the models Heinkel He.111 and North American B-25 Mitchell, each in two different painting schemes. In addition, NG International will release the 3rd series of Airplane Packs, bringing to the game the planes Curtiss P-40E Warhawk, Yakovlev Yak-1, Kawasaki Ki-61 and Reggiane Re.2001 Falco, each in three different color schemes.