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Wings of Glory Takes Flight on Kickstarter

Ares Games' Wings of Glory Kickstarter has taken flight. They've already arrived at cruising altitude, too, as they've passed their funding goal. As such, British Handley Page O/400 and the German Zeppelin Staaken R.VI will soon be soaring over your tabletops. So now it's on to stretch goals like some new gaming mats and deluxe stat boards for the models.
WWI was truly a fascinating time. Flight had only been achieved shortly before, and you can already see how advances were being made, almost daily, in the practice.

From the campaign:

Wings of Glory is probably the most popular World War One aerial combat tabletop game in the world, with a great collection of pre-painted, ready-to-play model airplanes.

Thanks to its elegant and innovative game system, it is possible to start playing minutes after opening the rules. Each airplane has a unique, historically accurate, maneuver deck, yet it is easy to play.

Since the birth of our company in 2011, we have developed many airplanes in this range. To this point - in the WW1 range alone - we produced 26 different airplane models, with almost 100 variants.

We already produced some big models as part of this WW1 range - the Gotha G.V and Caproni Ca.3. But, we wanted to stretch the envelope further: for more than a year we have been working to expand this collection with the ultimate WW1 airplanes. We have developed the models and gameplay for two fearsome "Giants of the Sky" - two of the largest airplanes to fly during WW1. This was a real engineering challenge, and we're very proud of the quality we achieved.