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Win La Haye Saint Collector’s Edition From Warlord Games

Sacre Bleu! Warlord Games is giving away quite a prize this month. Even if you're not a fan of historical wargames (everyone has their own personal tastes, and that's fine), you might want to make an order with Warlord Games to get your name in the hat. Every order made through their webstore this month will be added in to win a La Haye Saint Collector's Edition set. The set lets you replay a portion of the famous battle of Waterloo. Check out below the cut for the contents of this prize.

You don't just get an army, or even two armies, you get an entire table's worth of terrain as well. There's a farmhouse, including terrain for inside the house, then fencing for around the outside, plus trees. You get some Germans. You get some French. You get some British. You get casualties (because, you know, not everyone makes it through a battle). Yeah, you get it all. Just make an order and it could all, potentially, be yours.

La Haye Sainte contains:

Laser-cut wooden farmhouse, out-buildings, walls and pond including construction guides and acetate windows
Laser-cut wooden tables and chairs – use as firing steps
Two laser-cut wooden carts and plough (barricade)
Six metal branches to form an abatis
Major Von Baring, King’s German Legion 2nd Light Battalion (exclusive metal figure)
15 metal King’s German Legion 2nd Light Battalion with rifles and muskets
5 King’s German Legion light infantry
36 French Light Infantry (30 plastic and 6 metal) including full-colour flag sheet and waterslide decals
Lieutenant Vieux (exclusive metal figure) and five metal French Engineers with muskets or tools
12-page scenario booklet

The Collector's Edition also includes the following:

1 resin sandpit
Metal farmer's wife tending young calf
Resin pile of dead Frenchmen
6 metal French Voltigeurs skirmishing
Marshall Ney shouting at brigade commander
4 metal French casualties
Mounted French Officer
36 French Infantry (6 metal command and 30 plastic infantry)
6 Luneberg Light Infantry
6x 95th Rifles
1 British Rocketeer and a horse.
1 Nassau officer using cooking pot to extinguish the barn fire
6 metal Nassau infantry
36 Hanoverian Line Infantry (6 metal command, 30 plastic infantry)
Sprue of abatis stakes and branches (metal)