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Win Free Models From Code Orange Games

Who doesn't like getting free stuff? Nobody. We all love getting free stuff. Well, Code Orange Games is looking to bring some attention to their upcoming miniatures game, Collision. What better way than to offer free minis? Well, I guess they could just give away the whole game for free, but they gotta keep the lights on, somehow.

So, how can you end up with free minis? Pretty simple. All you've gotta do is head to their Facebook page and like, comment, and share their particular contest post. But it's not just "I want a mini" that you can reply with. That'd be boring. Looking at the two figures posted, say who you think would win in a fight and say why. The best/most original post for both sides will win a figure. You can also get a prize for tagging friends to join your "gang." Just get them to reply, too, and you'll be in the running.

You've got until October 9th to get in on the action.