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Win a Vegetable Garden from Escenografia Epsilon

Escenografia Epsilon is running a contest where the winner will get themselves a nice vegetable garden... terrain piece.
Though it would be cool if they came out to your house and made a little vegetable garden for you in your back yard.


From the contest:

The next epsilon new releases will be two differents vegetable garden in 28mm. The North Spain vegetable Garden and the Generic Vegetable Garden. Like us on facebook and like us in your prefer vegetable Garden. We reffled one among all participants.

We will make the draft IF the next september 27th we have 250 (or more) followers in the epsilon Facebook page, and 100 (or more) likes in this two references. Only participate in the draw who have participated. The september 28th epsilon will publicate the winner and contact with him to send the product FREE.