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Win a Pre-Production Copy of Ashes from Plaid Hat Games

I often get pre-production copies of games. They come in all types, from really early prototypes that have, literally, duck tape and pieces of cardboard boxes as components, to ones that are about 95% of what the finished game would really look like (maybe they just get a little extra polish and "sprucing up" before they get to retailers). Normally, pre-production copies are just hidden away in gaming company closets, never to see the light. Well, Plaid Hat Games is giving you an opportunity to win a pre-production copy of their upcoming Ashes game. All you need to do is put your name in the hat.

How do you get your name in the hat? Simply reply to their announcement thread on their website. Note: only comments to their page will be considered entries. We, of course, encourage you to post comments here as well, but they won't be counted as entries for the new box game.
Thinking that "why should I enter? Only one person's gonna get anything." Well, you may change your mind when you hear that four other runners-up will get a $35 coupon credit to the Plaid Hat Games webshop. That's the cost of Ashes. So it's like getting one for free. You just have to wait a little longer and you get a full production copy.

You have until the 29th to put your name in the hat.