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Win a Force on Force Tactical Bag

Ambush Alley Games is offering gamers a chance to win a Force on Force bag. Force on Force Tactical Bag From their announcement:
To celebrate the eminent arrival of Force on Force and Road to Baghdad, Ambush Alley Games and Osprey Publishing are presenting one lucky winner with a Force on Force Tactical Bag. What makes the bag tactical? Well, it's green and has pockets in it that you could put tactical stuff in. Like tactical dice, for instance, or some tactical bacon to snack on during a game . . . Well, tactical or not, it's a pretty cool bag and one lucky person won't be able to beat the price: free. So how do you win this magnificent bag of tactical holding? Just post a message to this thread on the Ambush Alley Games website (you'll have to register to post). We'll hold a drawing and announce the lucky winner on 15 February. Imagine how cool you'll look with this bag on your shoulder at the next convention you attend. There you'll be with your MP3 player stashed in its special pocket and a cold beverage tucked into the bag's tactical beverage holder. Did we mention the bag has a tactical beverage holder? Because it does. Scoot on over to the AAG forums and sign up for your chance to win the coolest, most tactical bag we've given away yet.