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Win a Date with Oorath Contest Happening Now

CMON wants to find you your soul mate... if your soul mate is a jellyfish-man, that is. They're running their Date With Oorath contest over on their Wrath of Kings Facebook page. Just type in why you think you'd be a perfect match and Eric Kelley, CMON's head writer, will write you up a story.
So yeah... go check it out...
Entries will be taken until Friday.

From the announcement:


Due to the crushing amount of fan feedback we've received, it's become incredibly clear to us that everyone's favorite Hero in the WoK novel is none other than the lovable Oorath of House Hadross!

Seems our readers were absolutely drawn to the poor guy's lack of luck with the ladies, so we've decided to give him a break!

To enter the following is required:

A post, no more than 300 words, about why YOU (or a WoK Character of your own design, we suppose) would be the best match to put on a date with the lovable jellyfish himself!

Our Lead Writer (and author of the Wrath of Kings novel) Eric Kelley will choose the winner! Who knows what could become of this date! Perhaps you (or your Character) and Oorath are, in fact, meant to be!

Entries must be submitted no later than MIDNIGHT, Friday 4/3/15 EST.