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Willy-miniatures Chaos Dwarf Fantasy Football Team on Indiegogo

Hut! Hut! Omaha! ... Hike! *bones crunching* Willy Miniatures is running a new Indiegogo campaign for another fantasy football team. This time it's Chaos Dwarves. I only wish that I could get my beard to grow in those rolls like that. The Chaos Dwarf team is a little more tricksy than your standard Dwarf team. You've got blockers, of course, but also a Minotaur, Bull Centaurs, and Hobgoblins.

The standard team comes with 6 blockers, 2 bull centaurs, 1 minotaur, and 6 hobgoblins. Each sculpt is unique, so you won't have two guys looking the exact same out on the field, which I know is quite a selling point for many miniatures enthusiasts. To go along with that, there's both a dwarf and hobgoblin star player, plus a she-dwarf, and a coach you can add.

The campaign is already 185% funded, and like many of Willy Miniatures' campaigns, they have a lot of time on this one, overall. There's still 44 days to get in on the project if you want.

Now, obviously, these were made for Blood Bowl. But I'm curious, what other games out there do you use these minis for? Or are there just that many Blood Bowl players still out there? I've not played in a while, but I've still got my various teams (my favorite being my Pangaea Punishers) ready to hit the field.