Wild West Exodus posts up stats for Heavy Support units online

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Oct 16th, 2013

Wild West Exodus lets you know what the stats are for their Heavy Support units before you buy them, posting them online.


From the announcement:

Hey guys, just a quick update to let everyone know that all of the Heavy Support stats are up live at the following link.

If you are interested on what these beasts do on the battle field please head over to our site and check them out.

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  • 4tonmantis

    It must be Ridiculously Over-Priced Model Day or something.. there’s a lot of interesting stuff here but these guys make GW look like a bargain o_0

    Only exception might be the Enlightened spider boss thingy.

    • grimbergen

      Well this is a full resin kit. Not sure if you’ve seen them in person, but it’s pretty nicely sized piece and in line with other resin kits of the same size/quality.

  • Smokestack

    Yeah, even the basic troops… 10 plastic models for $59.99… Is this going to be the new trend… $6 each for basic troops…?

    • BaconSlayer

      Considering how much their bags and foam cost, is it really a surprise they are charging a ‘premium’ price?

      • grimbergen

        yeah,it’s pricy, but even the reaper bones are asking $3-5 a piece MSRP for a c single figure that’s sometimes a 10+ year old sculpt cast on crappy soft plastic where you can’t see facial features nor details like chainmail.

  • I personally feel that they are suitably priced for the size and quality tbh. When you see the size comparison they are HUGE. Whilst the troopers are classed as basic troops you have to say that they are awesomely sculpted and are like individual characters in their own right. I have had the privileged of building and painting a few of the Outlaw and Union Hired Hands and they are amazingly detailed. At Devcon last month, the people that stopped by and had an intro game were all a bit gob smacked at the detail and the lack of flash. 🙂

  • Xenu

    I guess I would compare them to the new Warzone campaign – a similar-sized and style of operation. Both are new lines of minis, about the same number of models, mostly in resin, etc. But these minis seem to be 1/3 or more in price. I like a number of the minis (aside from rivet-fatigue) but just not worth it.

  • Sejanus

    Too many other more affordable minis out there to go this way.

    Not for me, and once I found out more about them I didn’t bother with the kickstarter.

  • I felt a little sad for the guys that missed out on their KS tbh, as if its cheap miniatures you want they were giving so much away. Also the $5 monthly mini will be up in January which also seems a good initiative. I think that those people that don’t believe in the quality of Outlaw miniatures should wait to see them in their hands first and you will be very pleasantly surprised. A lot of people on Dakka Dakka didn’t like them at first but the more news that has been posted over the weeks and months, the more interest has developed. Ofc you get the typical trolls out there that don’t really like anything, but they don’t appear to last very long in the WWX community as there are to many positive upbeat people wanting to enjoy their lives, hehe. 🙂 I have about 290 Hired Hands heading my way so perhaps I am a bit bias, or perhaps some of us have found something compelling enough to want to enjoy. 😀

    Hope those nay sayers out there do check this out, if not I hope you enjoy whatever it is you are playing, just keep having fun. 🙂

    • 4tonmantis

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion.. that last snarky bit though won’t win you any friends. 290 Hired Hands? If that’s something you had no problem buying then we’re not living on the same planet.. or don’t have gaming budgets that are remotely close.
      The only thing people have said at all, was that these are nice models but they are too expensive for the average gamer. There is nothing even close to being trollish in any of that.

      • Sorry 4ton, I think you miss understood who I was calling a troll. I was only suggesting that they exist, as everyone is aware that they do within the hobby, which is a shame because I know some trolls are not interested in any aspect of the hobby and just like to rile people up, which is a bit sad tbh.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I fully respect those that do not like the models or, like them but think they are too expensive.

    • Xenu

      So you haven’t received your minis yet, but you know for sure the quality of them? Or are you basing the quality of the plastic on the resin casts?

  • I am basing my opinion on both the quality of the resin and also the fact that myself and a friend demod the game in Plymouth last month with actual plastic wwx miniatures that were sent prior to release. 🙂 the level of detail is amazng and is further helped with just a simple wash. Each HH is a seperate pose so each looks very ice indeed. Dependant on your own yastes ofc. Hehe.