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Wild West Exodus Moving to Wayland Games Ltd

Outlaw Miniatures has announced that Wayland Games will now be in charge of the Wild West Exodus game line. The game has been around for several years now and while it continues to grow and evolve, the folks at Outlaw Miniatures have realized that they don't quite have the time and staff to properly manage the game as they feel it deserves.

Romeo Filip from Outlaw Miniatures will still occasionally be involved with character creation and some creative direction, but basically, it's Wayland Games' baby now. In the announcement, Romeo stated, "As many of you have noticed over the past few months our team has gone a bit silent. This silence in no way signaled an end of Wild West Exodus or the respected brand it has become. Actually, the exact opposite has been taking place in the deep underbelly of the Dr. Carpathian labs. Over the past 12 months I, as the creator of the game have realized I needed more help. I realized that it takes a team to build and progress a game like ours. A team much larger then what I personally was able to put together at Outlaw Miniature. I and the rest of our staff felt that if we wanted the game to be incredible that something would need to change."