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Wickedest Of Them All Card Game Now Available

I'm a fairly straight-laced individual. I don't tend to get in trouble. But, occasionally, sometimes it's fun to not be so goody-goody. Y'know, go out there and do something like becoming the head of a witch coven by causing chaos and havoc among the general population. As you do. That's what you'll be doing in Wickedest of Them All, a new card game that's available now.

About the game:

"Sometimes it's good to be bad!"

Wickedest of them all is new tarot sized card game takes being wicked to a whole new level. Players take on the role of 6 available witches vying for the position of the head witch by bringing doom and gloom to mortals and minions.

Designed for 2 to 4 players "Wickedest of them all" is easy to play and provides wicked good fun through sinister strategy and total disregard for helpless mortals.

For ages 16 and up