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Wicked Studios launches Adventures in the Land of Oz RPG Kickstarter

Wicked Studios has a Kickstarter campaign going for Adventures in the Land of Oz, their RPG game set in the fantasy land of Dorothy and the Wicked Witch.


From the campaign:

The Oz project, as we call it around the office, started when I read the first book in the series by L. Frank Baum. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised at how different the story was from what I thought I knew. I must admit what I knew at the time, was based solely on the movie.

Of course I expected there to be differences in the story, but what surprised me the most was the general feel of the story. Instead of the light hearted cinematic interpretation that the movie conveys, I found a slightly darker, old style, fairy tale. As I continued to read the book I found myself constantly thinking how much it resembled a Grimm’s fairy tale.