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Why Not to Run a Demo

PHD Games writer Chris Strecker wrote up a little editorial on why running a demo for a game might not be a good idea. Though having read the article, titling it "When Not to Run a Demo" would be a bit more appropriate, as the "why" is pretty much, "you don't have your full attention devoted to the demo because you're busy." But it's a good, quick read. So check it out.

Do you have any demo horror stories? I know I've had a few. Share yours below.


From the article:

Most game store owners know why running an in-store demo is a good thing. Running a good demo of a game will generate better sell through for that game and build consumer confidence. Running a demo is not a fire and forget type of thing, however. Just because you run a demo, does not mean that you will have more sales. If the demo is run poorly, it can have the opposite effect and in fact turn customers away from that game or they may lose confidence in your vast gaming knowledge all together.