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Why Not Games Acquires Rocket Age

It's always cool to see when a company gets a game they're really excited about helping make better. Such is the case for Why Not Games and their acquisition of Rocket Age. Why Not is looking to expand the range, as well as help make it so more people can get the current product line.

From the announcement:

Ken Spencer has purchased from Cubicle 7 all rights to the award winning Rocket Age product line. Why Not Games, co-owned by Ken, will continue the series with new material while also publishing the existing product line.

Ken commented, "Rocket Age has always been a labor of love for me, and to have ownership of the intellectual property as well as existing products is an astronomical boon. Together with the team at Why Not Games, I look forward to new titles we can add to the Rocket Age catalog, starting with Imperial Jupiter and moving on through the rest of the Solar System. We are currently looking beyond the role-playing game format and developing new ways to explore the Solar System that never was and the 1938 that should have been. Before we fire the second stage boosters, I would like to thank to fine folks at Cubicle 7 who got this ship in the air in the first place. Rocket Age would never have happened without the hard work and support of Dom, Jon, Paul, and the rest. No worries lads, I'll take it from here. Rocket Rangers, Away!"

Rocket Age will soon be available for purchase in hard copy and PDF.

GenCon attendees: there are still a few open seats for Why Not Games events including Red Spot Blues for Rocket Age and Fall of Catopia for Caturday, part of the new weird races series for 5e.