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Who Farted? Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Look... it's something we all do at some point. And we've all been "crop dusted" at some point. Maybe it was in class, or at a party, or in the office, or in an elevator, but it's happened. So why not make a humorous game out of it? That's what you've got in Who Farted? It's a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Nothing beats a great family game where no Wi-Fi is required and all ages can compete in a ‘fair fight’. ‘Who Farted?’ was born of this. We wanted to develop a ‘who-dunnit’ card game that didn’t need a board or plastic characters, pens or paper to complicate the flow of the game or get lost. The characters were already imagined; we just needed the game-play to bring them to life. After several months, three game versions and loads of laughter we arrived at a simple game that’s brilliant fun to play, requiring nothing more than our cards.

The campaign's right around half funded with still 14 days left to go.