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White Knight Miniatures posts up new releases

White Knight Miniatures has a list of new models available over on their website.

From the update:

Time for another round of releases. These are now available from the "getting some" section.

For the dwarfs:

* WKD-24: Dwarf Imperial Knight/Knights of the White Boar Command on Armoured Ponies (2) (by John Pickford)
* WKD-25: Dwarf Imperial Knights on Armoured Ponies (4) (by John Pickford)
* WKB-02: Armoured ponies (4) (by John Pickford)
* WKD-70: Dwarf Stretcher Party (3) (converted by WK)
* WKD-71: Dwarf Ammo Team/Petard Team (2) (converted by WK)
* WKD-72: Wounded Dwarf (1) (converted by WK)
* WKD-73: Dwarf Guard with Halberd/Spear (1) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-20: Dwarf Heads (sallets) (8) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-21: Dwarf Heads (9) (converted by WK)

For the goblins:

* WKG-20: Goblin Artillery Crew (5) (by Kev Adams)
* WKH-20: Halfling Artillery Crew Conversion Kit (5) (by Kev Adams)

For the Hors Série range:
* WKHS-06: Female Half-Orc Warrior (sculpted by Mark Evans) - £3