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Whisper Mecha Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Giant robot alert!
Giant robot alert!
There's a trio of mecha figures up on Kickstarter now for the WHISPER wargame. You can get the three figures as-is, but there's also a bunch of add-ons you can do for different weapons and such, letting you customize your suit just how you want it.

About the campaign:

Brandon Keith Fero has teamed up with Impact! Miniatures to produce some dynamically posed new resin 45mm to 60mm tall Mecha miniatures named WHISPERs.

The miniatures where designed to work well with any 10mm scale Mecha combat game. A game is being developed to use the miniatures as well in the future.

The KickStarter is in its final week ending Thursday June 8th. The project is funded and has already unlocked 2 stretch goals for extra arm options for the base WHISPERS (free with some reward levels) as well as a new mecha, the flying Raptor.

Project is on the way to unlocking production of the Tundra WHISPER Mecha and we hope you will join the project and help us deliver this mech as well as maybe the Poseidon at Stretch Goal #4.

The new Mecha are costed between $10 to $15 each depending on which reward level for which you pledge.

The campaign is closing in on 2x funded, but there's only just over 2 days left to get in on the action.