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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Sally 4th expands their Terra-Blocks line with new bar room accessories.


From the release:

This weeks releases from Sally 4th as part of the Terra-Blocks system focus on representing bars, clubs and pubs on the gaming table.

All pieces are completely compatible with the Terra-Block scenic system and can also be used as stand alone scenery pieces.
The bar room accessories are scaled for 28mm figure gaming and have been designed to fit into tabletop environments from 1900's to present day as well as science fiction environments. Photographs in the Terra-Block gaming gallery show terrain in use in 1930's, present day, Star Wars and Warhammer 40K environments.

All kits are laser cut from 2mm MDF, 3mm Medite, Perspex and Polypropylene and require simple assembly with PVA wood glue.

Release consists off:
TB042 Bar & behind bar storage (130mm x 250mm) RRP £15.50
TB043 Alcove seating (2 sets) RRP £4.50
TB044 Bar Stools (12) RRP £3.00
TB045 Clear top tables (8) RRP £3.50
TB046 Rectangular tables (3) RRP £3.00