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When The Navy Walked now available

The When The Navy Walked coverWhen The Navy Walked Victorian Sci-fi rules are now available for purchase. From their announcement:
When The Navy Walked, the Victorian Science Fiction game is now available from your retailers. Our main miniature line is behind carried by Rebel Minis and our Machines and Capital units are being produced by Jeff at Die WaffenKammer. Check out or for more information. Coming in Spring 2011 - WTNW: Conflict on Mars.
Imagine a world very similar to ERB's Barsoom but with the Great Powers attempting to colonize the planet. Imagine the Overlords are watching the Great Powers as they attempt to bring the Red and Green Martians under their rule. Imaging the Grays as they set about doing their master's bidding and imagine a race of White Martians whose telepathic prowess gives them an edge over the other created Martians. Mars - a planet embroiled in a struggle for dominance. Coming in Winter 2011 - WTNW: Airpirates They came from beneath the Earth to dominate our skies. Now the Great Powers must contend with the invaders from below. Coming next year - WTNW: Skirmish & Small Unit Tactics This is the 28mm small unit tactics game set in the WTNW universe. WTNW S&SUT still uses the innovative command in control system but it has rules specific for a skirmish level game that uses stats based on weapon type and the unit type. We are working very hard to produce a line of VSF products that you are proud to play. In so doing we are looking for serious playtesters. Email me at for more information.