What the Future Holds for Black Knight Games

Black Knight Games have sent along some information regarding their plans for future development and releases from the company.

From their announcement:

Some of you may know that Black Knight Games has been presented with a couple of major challenges over the last couple of months. While both are undoubtedly going to affect the timelines I had set for the releases of our games and miniatures, I want you all to know that Black Knight Games will be as determined as ever to continue the development and production of new releases this year.

After many years working together, Mike Katzenberger (a.k.a. “Katz”) has announced that he will be retiring from gaming. This has of course surprised me and I was very sorry to hear about this decision, but he and I talked about it and I completely understand his reasoning behind it and wish him well.

Although this will be a great loss to Black Knight Games, Mike and I will remain the best of friends and his decision to move on to other interests is by no means a reflection of any argument or ill will on either my part or his. We have been friends for many years and will continue to be close in the future.

Some of you may also already know that just prior to Katz’s announcement that my wife was diagnosed with a serious illness. Although we have adequate health insurance, her treatment will be long and arduous. Being a two-income family, her inability to work will force me to divert funds that I had saved for the company to other obligations and will thus slow production considerably.
Luckily, we live in times where we can purchase downloadable publications in pdf format! Because I want to get the rules to our fans as quickly as I can, I have decided that the first release of the new rule sets will be in one of two formats; Adobe PDF or Online at our Web site. In order to keep costs down and still get the rules out, I will be publishing them without much artwork or fluff.

Miniatures will be developed as I can get the funds to do so properly. I will not settle for “good enough”, so production costs being what they are, we will just release fewer than I had hoped for over the same timeframe.

I have several ideas about options for getting background information and other “fluff” to you online. I will update the gaming community via this and other miniatures news sites as these ideas are implemented, so stay on the lookout for my press releases.

I would like to thank you all for your continued interest and support of Black Knight Games. It is inevitable that we all face challenges and trials in our lives, but I like to think that it is what we make of those situations that determines the overall outcome of their impact. In my humble opinion, life is a series of wins and losses. None of us wins all of the time (you should see my normal dice rolls!), so we have to take the losses with the wins and hope that the wins er… uh, win.

As for Black Knight Games, it took a bit of a hit, but the armor has held and I still have a few dice to roll, so don’t count us out yet.