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Wet Hot American Summer : Fantasy Camp RPG Up On Kickstarter

Who here remembers MTv's The State?
I certainly do. It's one of my favorite sketch comedy shows (probably because it was one of the first I ever had seen, though I do think it holds up over the years). Well, many of the people involved with that went on to other projects. One such was Wet Hot American Summer. Recently, the movie's seen a resurgence on Netflix. It's also expanding into other media, as there's an RPG based on the movie over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Put on your cut-off shorts, wail on your acoustic guitar, and make sure you've got your 20-sided die. We turned the cult classic film Wet Hot American Summer into an old school pen-and-paper roleplaying game, so you can have your own steamy and insane Camp Firewood adventures.

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp lets you play as a camper, counselor or staffer at Camp Firewood. You can pick a favorite character like Beth, Coop or Gene, or a new character you design. Every game takes place over one magical day at camp, where you might become a hero, get some action, or end up at a secret pizza party! (Uh-oh.)

Fantasy Camp is designed to be easy-to-play with less math than traditional RPGs and more emphasis on storytelling and party game craziness. Psycho fans (like us) will rejoice in never-before-seen material from Wet Hot American Summer cast members Joe Lo Truglio (Neil), Marguerite Moreau (Katie), Michael Ian Black (McKinley) and co-writer / director David Wain.