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Westerly getting to the end of the road

Analog Evolution Games has just a few days left for their Westerly board game Kickstarter. They're edging ever-closer to their goal.


From the campaign:

That’s right folks! Just 4 days left to get this here wagon movin on down the trail!
Come on out and take a gander and I hope you’ll join us on the trail WESTERLY!
Take a look at a couple of pieces of art from our Steampunk, and Cthulhu decks.

The Game:
Westerly is a cooperative game for up to six players. In it you will face countless perils as you try to guide your party through the wilds of the untamed American frontier to your ultimate goal, California. It's going to take skill, daring and just a touch of luck to get everyone there in one piece.

Help us cross that old finish line and got yourself a copy of WESTERLY!