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Westbound: Revolvers and Rituals RPG Up On Kickstarter

Island of Bees has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Westbound, their new RPG. Though this isn't Sergio Leone's west. This world mixes the wild west with classic fantasy. So you can have Elf Sheriffs, Orc Banditos, and dwarf prospectors (ok, so that one you probably could've had anyway, but now they say old-timey Western things instead of sounding Scottish).

From the campaign:

An epic adventure awaits. Westbound is the Tabletop-RPG of revolvers and rituals set in the fantasy wild west. Explore a vast western world while utilizing an intuitive and unique system for exploration and combat. Westbound was designed from the ground up expressly for Firearm combat, and includes a vast amount character options, an enterprising crafting system, and a fresh take on Magic and the Arcane.

We've created an awesome game, and we want you to play it. That's why we've made the game available easily online, created a free quickstart adventure, and made a ton of articles and videos on how to play.

We're looking to fund a print run of the game. Its taken a lot of our time and money to create the rules and art, and now we're hoping to get it in your hands and into stores. We're also hoping to fund some custom decks, each designed to emphasize the source suit of a specific Sort, and make each hand impact visually.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's a bit more than half-funded with still 21 days left to go.