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West Wind Productions previews Gentlemen & Jackanapes coming soon for Empire of the Dead

West Wind Productions is coming out with an expansion for Empire of the Dead: Gentlemen and Jackanapes. These characters give your faction many more tools with which to deal with your opponents... at a price, of course.

From the preview:

From time-to-time every Faction may need to call upon individuals with specialist skills or, more likely, someone to do their dirty work for them. These are the Gentlemen and Jackanapes, special characters and mercenaries you can hire to add muscle, brains or skills to your Faction. In this supplement you will find rules for
employing these sell-swords as well as descriptions of each of the characters
available. Of course hiring these individuals has its price, whether in cold hard cash
or because you need to acquire exotic and arcane components for the intricate
summoning rituals required to bind ethereal creatures to this world if only for a fleeting time. Over time new characters will find their way into these tomes offering ever greater variety and options to your games of Empire of the Dead.

Introducing a gentleman or jackanape to your Faction gives you the opportunity to move
further and deeper into the world that is the Empire of the Dead. But be warned; those
who seek to employ the services of these soldiers of fortune may well find their souls
increasingly corrupted. Such is the power of the Empire of the Dead.