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West Wind Productions posts Empire of the Dead: Requiem update

Empire of the Dead will be getting their Requiem book, as the Kickstarter was funded pretty quickly. They're basically unlocking something a day. Here's a picture of the latest, the Vampire Bride.

From the update:

Empire of the Dead-Requiem Kickstarter has been funded, actually it was funded within 2 hours of launch so a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

Since yesterday we have had a lot of feedback from people regarding our KS. There have been a lot of positive comments and we thank you very much!

It seems that by the time people in the USA and Canada got onto their computers and heard about our KS, all the Early Bird Specials had gone! We didn't take into account the time zone difference, thinking also that the Early Bird's would last a long time, at least a couple of days, and everyone would have an equal chance to Pledge, but this was not the case.

Therefore, to be fair to people in the USA and Canada, we have added another 100 of each Early Bird Specials to the Pledge Levels. These are going to run from tonight until they are all gone. We will not be adding any more Early Birds, absolutely not, after this.