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West Wind Productions posts Empire of the Dead- Requiem Kickstarter Update

West Wind Productions has been doing rather well with their Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter campaign, breaking through several stretch goals. Here's an update on the goings-on.

From the update:

West Wind are on to their fourth Stretch Goal which adds Red the half wolf servant of the Goddess to all backers pledging at a Requiem level. That’s our fourth Kickstarter only Limited Edition Miniature.

Our Requiem Miniatures release for Empire of the Dead continues to build a head of steam (thanks to our Infernium powered boiler).

With over 80 NEW models up for grabs we think it has a little of everything a Victorian gamer could want. It’s even got a Time Machine! So you could always pop back in time for a chat with H.G. (disclaimer, improper use of time machine may result in a paradox this is the sole responsibility of your great-great-great- grandfather).

Here’s a look at the New Bobbies and Detectives, loads more to come!

And a list of the vehicles you can expect from us very soon 28mm Resin and White metal kits.

Victorian Machines
Hansom Cab
Vampire carriage
London Omnibus
Black Mariah (Police carriage)
Hackney Cab
Time Machine
Steam Velocipede
Steam powered Gyrocopter
Steam powered Exo-skeleton