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West Wind Productions Launches Secrets of the Third Reich 2nd Edition Kickstarter

Real-world conspiracy theorists love to talk about all the strange things that the Nazis were trying to do during WWII. It's well-known that Hitler was interested in ancient (sometimes occult) artifacts and pushing the envelope on science. Well, what if all that was even more true and it all worked? Weird War II is a rather popular setting. One of the games many people have played in the setting is West Wind Productions' Secrets of the Third Reich. Well, now WWP is running a Kickstarter campaign for a 2nd edition of their game.

The campaign is looking to fund a new version of the game, a new army book, and several new miniatures, including mechs and vehicles. It looks like they're going to make it to their funding level, since they just launched and already are almost there. They're going to take their time with the rules, though, to make sure things turn out just right. So, in the meantime, at the end of the campaign, backers are going to get a free .pdf of the current rules set to tide them over.

The campaign is set to run for another 17 days.