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West Wind Productions Launches Legions of Rome Kickstarter

Just the name, itself, conjures all sorts of thoughts. More than just a city, Rome was one of the greatest empires the world had seen, famous for turning the Mediterranean into their own, private lake. So much myth and history surrounds Roman culture, much of it focused on the military. And what a military it was. West Wind Productions is looking to bring new 15mm Roman soldiers to your tabletop in their latest Kickstarter campaign.

Rome Samples

I have to say, when I first saw the sample minis, I had to double-check. Yes, those are 15mm miniatures there. Rarely do you see such detail and sharpness of lines in 15mm minis. The campaign is looking to fund the creation of Augustan Roman Legions, 1st Century Roman Legions, 2nd Century Roman Legions, Dacians, Picts, Sassanids, Maccabean Jewish, Early Franks, Early Saxons, and more. Considering the early response, "and more" seems to be the case. They're almost 2x funded with still 23 days left to go in the campaign.