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West Wind new releases

West Wind Productions have announced several packs of Secrets of the Third Reich and Forged in Battles releases which will be available at Vapnartak this weekend and from their online store in the coming weeks. From their announcement:
At West Wind we have lots of new miniatures and games planned for the forthcoming year and we'll keep you posted as things develop throughout.   Firstly, for all you Secrets of the Third Reich fans, West Wind will be carrying some Pre-Release British Para Miniatures from Secrets of the Third Reich at the Vapnartak Show York Racecourse this weekend.   Call over early to the West Wind stand as we have limited stock on these.  Official Release date for the Paras is 1st March.  

Secrets Of The Third Reich/Doomsday

  British B-DOOM2 British Para Command (5 figures)   £6.00 B-DOOM3 British Para HMG Team (4 figures + gun) £6.00 B-DOOM4 British Para Mortar Team (4 figures + Mortar) £6.00 B-DOOM5 British Bazooka Team + Anti Mech Rifle Team £5.50 B-DOOM6 British Para Sniper (1) £4.00 B-DOOM7 British Battle Chaplin (1) £4.00

Forged In Battle

 From Forged in Battle, 15mm WWII, West Wind will also have at Vapnartak, pre-release stock of the first American tanks and the first Early War German Tanks.  These are due for official release by Forged in Battle in 2 week time via the Forged in Battle website at  US Tanks
  •  A-22 Sherman M4A3 dry 75mm (4 tanks) £18.00
  •  A-22-ONE Sherman M4A3 dry 75mm (1 tank) £7.00
  •  A-32 Sherman M4A3 wet 76mm (4 tanks) £18.00
  •  A-32-ONE Sherman M4A3 wet 76mm (1 tank) £7.00
 German Tanks
  •  P-16 Pz38t (4 tanks) £18.00
  •  P-16-ONE Pz38t (1 tank) £7.00