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We're back to it and an announcement about next year

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. We're back with the news (or at least, as much as we can find while the gaming companies get back into the swing of things :p ).

One small note:
Next week I'll be moving. That's right, I'm headed (back, technically) down to Atlanta to move into the CMON offices, proper. What does this mean for updates? Well, for a short while as I move, find a place and get settled in, it means there'll be a small gap in posting. I'll try, obviously, to keep it to a minimum.

But it means a whole host of positives for TGN. Instead of splitting time between this and other projects, TGN will be my full-time position. That means more news, more reviews, more interviews more... everything. We're looking to update the categories and tags system to make things easier to find. We're going to be giving you more contests and giveaways. There'll be more content as TGN kicks into high gear. It's gonna be fun and I can't wait to get started.