Wendigo Wave 3 now available from Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games have released several new Wendigo figures including the Master of the Hunt.

?From their announcement:

Now available for March — the 3 wave of Wendigo, featuring the War-Chiefs, Master of the Hunt, and Howlers. All of these miniatures were sculpted by the Croc’s master of monsters — Ben Siens, and are available now in the Croc Online Store.


  • WGH-107 Wendigo War-Chief 2 $24.95
  • WGH-108 Wendigo War-Chief 3 $24.95

Character Multi-Packs

  • WGH-801 Master of the Hunt & 3 Howlers $39.95

We’ve still got a few more weeks to wait for the Wendigo Warband Book, but we’ll be posting updates to the News Page when we have a more definite date.

As for retail stores, the new minis are shipping this week to our Distributors, and should be showing up on store shelves before the month is out — with plenty of time to get them painted before spring arrives. If you want your local game store to carry them, please be sure to request them to put an order in for you.