Wendigo Warband Guide preview

Crocodile Games have posted a preview of the Wendigo Warband Guide.

From their announcement:

The last few weeks we have been busy getting the Wendigo Warband Guidebook ready to send off to the printers. It is almost ready to go,but we thought we’d show everyone a sneak preview of the first few pages of the book. It is available in the Croc Downloads section, or by clicking here (PDF link).

The Wendigo Warband book contains the complete rules and background for playing the Wendigo in WarGods. It has 48 full-color pages lavishly illustrated Des Hanley and John Wigley, and includes a set of Hyperborea themed Command Counters. We expect the printed book to be available in August, and we’ll be posting updates on the Croc site over the course of the next few weeks as things progress.