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Well over $1mil Raised for Zombicide: Black Plague

It would seem as though the change of venue has caught the attention of gamers the world over. The launch of Zombicide: Black Plague quickly passed the funding goal (even with the hiccup in the server service that Kickstarter had right at the start) and has shot up well over $1 million in its first day (we're even still a couple hours from a full 24 hours since time of launch). This is more than double what Rue Morgue made on its first day (that had previously held the title for "biggest launch day total for Zombicide).

That right there is a gallery of all the stretch goals that've been broken already. As you can see, there's quite a lot already passed. There's some new heroes, some new zombies, some new dice, a metal coin, and just all sorts of things. And there's more being passed all the time.

Some of those new heroes are being done by guest artists. There's Marc Simonetti and Paul Bonner joining the ranks of artists that have created artwork for survivors in Zombicide.

The first optional add-ons have now been posted as well. You can pick up some "bone" dice, a dice bag, or the Carl Critchlow Special Guest box (which contains 4 new Survivors).

There's still 27 days left to go in this wild ride. Keep tuned in for further updates.