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Welcome Wanderer, to the Blood-Clans of Jorikk

Kenzer & Company is coming out with the Blood-Clans of Jorikk, a new fantasy RPG setting of the cold, wild, northern lands.



From them to you:

The warrior-gods Falkkr and Vorr call you hence.

To take up your horn and fill it with ale, pour in also the blood of elk, wolf, and man, and drink deeply in oaths of brotherhood, war, and vengeance.

The old heroes call you also, ashen-faced from ages long passed, to hear their legends sjald-sung in the mead-hall.

To feel the heart-stir of memories rekindled by a wolf’s howl.
Memories borne upon the deepening hum of a war-horn rung out in the dawn, and faded by the black stain of blood on a pebbled shore.

Herein begins our journey into the great Jorakk Wilderness, a vast wild of towering mountains, buckling glaciers, endless seas and sweeping boreal forests hidden in the most remote and isolated reaches of Tellene’s Northeastern Wild Lands.

This is a land stirred up from the deep currents of The North, a place of trolls, dragons, sea-serpents, blood-feuds, ring-hoards, fierce gods, and indomitable wills expressed in lonely places.

It is a dark land, cold and unforgiving. A place of desperate heroism and grim tales lost to time. The perfect canvas upon which to carve an epic campaign of pen-and-paper gaming.

What remains is for us to go there and live out the tales and legends. Roam wide through the boreal, hunting elk for meat and wolf for fur. Feast with proud men in timbered halls by the lakeshore, and oar out upon the mist-covered waters, raising sword and spear alongside powerful warriors, chanting battle-song as the shield-wall clamors for slaughter.

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to begin such a journey.