Weird West Miniatures IndieGoGo project for Vampire-Hunting Lincoln

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 20th, 2012

Weird West Minaitures has an IndieGoGo campaign currently running to help get their Vampire-Hunting Lincoln model out there to the people.

From the campaign:

Here is the first of our new Weird West Miniatures- an axe wielding, vampire hunting Abraham Lincoln! Ian Mountain did the sculpting on this and will be doing the rest of our Weird West series of miniatures — as long as we get to our IndieGoGo campaign’s funding goal in the next 12 days!

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  • supervike

    Very fun mini, although he’d be more recognizeable with a stovepipe hat.

  • cama

    I think they should have done a Bella vampiress to be smashed by Lincoln and sold them as a pair. Twilight of a vampire …

  • It’ll be interesting to see if they are sued.. I can’t imagine they got the rights to this…. though it really is just a dude with an axe..

  • ferk

    Good luck guys. Good concept

  • @supervike I figured it’d be easier to add your own hat if you liked that look than it would be to saw one off and resculpt his head. 🙂

    @cama The set also includes a vampire, werewolf and mummy – so you could use them in a variety of Western Characters vs. Monsters type scenarios.

    • cama

      Awesome! I can burn up all my teenage angst on Bella, that annoying werewolf kid, and I can pretend the mummy is Katniss wrapped in bandages.

      My Lincoln Log Axe will split some heads! WOOHOO!