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Weekend madness sees Mantic break $130,000

Kings of War broke $130k over the weekend, and is climbing ever higher (it's hard to type "they're at X-amount" because it's always higher by the time the post is even an hour old). They've got some nice stuff lined up for the next stretch goal at $150. Here's a look.

From the update:

Mantic broke two Stretch Goals over the weekend, bringing sprueless Elf Palace Guard and Goblin Fleabag Riders into production with them!

They are on the verge of crashing through another with Abyssal Dwarf Immortal Guard, and there are TWO kits up for grabs at $150,000 - the Elf Stormwind Cavalry and the Twilight Kin Dark Knights!

Check the Mantic Kickstarter update page is keep up to date!