The Best Family Board Games in 2023


May 25, 2023

23. Monopoly

While it ranks last on our list due to its notorious potential for long, drawn-out games and often contentious negotiations, it still holds a place in many family game closets.

22. Fluxx

A standout in the realm of family board games due to its unpredictability. This card game is a delightful mix of strategy and chance, with a dynamic rule system that can change in an instant.

21. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a timeless classic that tests the intellectual mettle of its players, bringing an enjoyable yet competitive edge to family game night.

20. Cluedo

Also known as Clue in some parts of the world, this iconic board game invites players to solve a gripping murder mystery inside a stately mansion.

19. The Resistance

The Resistance is a social deduction game where players work together to complete missions, but some among them are spies trying to sabotage the cause. 

18. Takenoko

In Takenoko, players find themselves in an imperial garden in ancient Japan, nurturing bamboo, managing plots, and looking after a hungry panda.

17. Disney Villainous

From capturing puppies as Cruella De Vil to gathering ingredients for a poison apple as Evil Queen, the objectives are as diverse as they are wickedly delightful.

16. Pandemic

With each player contributing their unique skills to the team effort, the game encourages strategic planning and effective communication.

15. Exploding Kittens

Players draw cards until someone pulls an exploding kitten card, thereby getting booted out of the game unless they have a defuse card in hand. 

14. Castle Panic

Castle Panic turns the traditional competitive board game on its head, offering a cooperative experience where players work together to defend their castle from encroaching monsters.

13. Ticket to Ride

TTR stands as a hallmark of modern board gaming, coupling straightforward gameplay with deep strategic possibilities. Players collect and play matching cards to claim railway routes.

12. Cranium

Offering a blend of Pictionary, Charades, Trivia, and more, Cranium is a one-stop-shop for family entertainment.

11. Sushi Go Party!

In Sushi Go Party!, you and your family get to experience the thrill of gathering the best combination of sushi dishes.

10. King of Tokyo

Brace yourself for a royally good time with King of Tokyo, the game where every turn could make you the King… or leave you fleeing the city!

10. King of Tokyo

Brace yourself for a royally good time with King of Tokyo, the game where every turn could make you the King… or leave you fleeing the city!

9. Tiny Towns

If you enjoy the challenge of managing resources and responding to changing circumstances, Tiny Towns is a great addition to your board game collection.

8. Forbidden Desert

Brace yourself for an adventurous challenge filled with strategic decision-making and suspenseful gameplay, where cooperation is key, and every turn can make a dramatic difference.

7. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

Every game round is an underwater adventure, making for an immersive, quick, and fun experience perfect for those looking to dive deep into strategic coop gameplay.

6. The Quest for El Dorado

In The Quest for El Dorado, players take on the roles of daring adventurers racing through a treacherous jungle in search of the mythical city of gold.

5. Cascadia

Its approachable complexity and the potential for different strategies each play, make it a wonderful choice for families seeking a visually appealing board game experience.

4. Wavelength

Ideal for large groups, Wavelength will keep everyone on their toes, ensuring an evening filled with laughter, debate, and revelation.

3. Catan

In Catan, players find themselves as settlers on an uninhabited island, tasked with creating thriving communities.

2. Telestrations

With its unique blend of Chinese whispers and Pictionary, Telestrations leads to hilarity and surprise as simple drawings evolve in unpredictable ways.

1. Carcassonne

Step into medieval southern France with Carcassonne, a tile-placement game that transforms you into a master strategist.