Web of Spider-Man preview 5

WizKids have posted a new preview of figures from the upcoming Web of Spider-Man set for Marvel HeroClix.

From their website:

One of the drivers of success of the Spider-Man comic is Peter Parker. Peter perfectly captures the anxieties and quirks of life, giving the reader an easy vantage point into the life of an angst-ridden teen. Spider-Man, a dynamic super-powered character, provides a great counterbalance to Peter’s not-so-simple life. While Peter has trouble getting the girl and paying the rent, Spider-Man has larger problems, usually of the Sinister variety.

When we decided to try out the Alter Ego mechanic in a Marvel set (and for the second time), we decided to try it in “triplet” form. You saw one execution of it previously with Norman Osborn-Iron Patriot-Green Goblin. Early on, we knew that a “black-suit” Spidey would be on our setlist, but we also had a full-suite of Spideys that had to be included. In fact the main problem with creating Web was that there were too many great choices. This is a happy problem in set design. Maybe, someday, we’ll see Web of Spider-Man II.