We Have Issues Publishing launches ZynVaded Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 13th, 2013

We Have Issues Publishing launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get funding for ZynVaded, they’re 1:1-scale miniatures game.

From the campaign:

We Have Issues! Publishing has launched a Kickstarter for their 1:1 scale miniatures skirmish game ZynVaded!
“ZynVaded!™ is a tabletop miniatures game unlike any you’ve likely seen before, because you literally fight battles on a table top (or desktop, or countertop, etc.)! In it, you assume the role of one faction of the Zyn, an inch-high, insectile alien race determined to conquer our planet, one cluttered surface at a time! You can choose to play as either the Kyll’al, the militant arm of the alien invasion, or the Sav’m, the rebellious faction looking to halt the invasion.”
A successful Kickstarter will allow the company to upgrade to mass production and help to reach a much broader audience, as well as getting some really great stretches and rewards!

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  • The Beast Rampant

    Though I am interested in this, IMO a $50 buy-in is too much for a light game. If the stretch goal rewards rack up, it could offset this matter, but as it stands, compared to many other KS game projects I have backed or followed, this is a bit dear.

  • ZynVaded is an excellent game. The Starter Set at $40.00 is all you need to play the actual game with a friend. Everything else is icing on top… delicious icing!

  • Roughneck

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the backing of a bigger company to offset costs (it’s just the 2 of us, with whatever help we’re fortunate to get from friends/family), so we have to charge what we’re charging to make this work. I wish we could do this for less, but for now it is what it is. Hopefully down the line…

  • cannondaddy

    Something about this appeals to me, I think its the take-out packaging. I need to see gameplay video or quickstart rules…

  • Nachtpfiffel

    I like the Idea, I like the special kickstarter miniatures concept, I might like the rules, but I don’t like the miniatures, the factions are too similar and the sculpts have no sharp edges.
    Are the rules available without miniatures?

  • GS_topcow

    loved this in Gencon, will definitely support it!

  • Roughneck

    @cannondaddy – We should have a gameplay video up soon.

    @Nachtpfiffel – The look of the minis is supposed to evoke a sort of “Saturday morning cartoon” feel, so that’s why they look they way they do. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. And, yes, the updated rules set will be available from our site as a PDF after the Kickstarter is finished, so folks who like the concept can still play without the figures!

    @GS_topcow – Thank you! We definitely appreciate it!

    • cannondaddy

      Is there a lot of change from the current rules?

      • Roughneck

        Not the current rules, so much. We’ve tightened up a few spots, made some small changes to a few items and such, but the overall feel and play remain the same. What we’re really working toward is an optional advanced rules set that gives players a more in-depth experience, for those who desire more complexity. And Justin is finishing up the video, so we should be seeing that posted soon!

  • GS_topcow

    My pleasure Roughneck, i do hopw that the battlepods be visible at some point of the kickstarter to really spark enthusiasm. I still have your minis in my to-do box, but maybe i`ll start painting just to support the event.

    And BTW, your game is already living in Venezuela, just so you can get that international feeling.

    cheers and best of luck with the KS!


    • Roughneck

      Venezuela? Awesome! We love our international supporters, too! We’ll try to see about the Battle Podz. I have a redesign of the old one I’d like to see done, but not sure if we’ll get far enough to get it realized! Here’s hoping!

  • Roughneck

    Alright, we’ve added a Terra Starter set to all ZynVaded! Starter Box Sets! This ups the figure count by another 3, making a total of 11 figures (3 Sav’m, 3 Kyll’al, 3 Terra and the Kickstarter Exclusive 2 figure set), plus the 3 Grubz tokens and all the supplies needed 2-3 people to start playing right out of the box!