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We Have Issues Publishing launches ZynVaded Kickstarter

We Have Issues Publishing launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get funding for ZynVaded, they're 1:1-scale miniatures game.

From the campaign:

We Have Issues! Publishing has launched a Kickstarter for their 1:1 scale miniatures skirmish game ZynVaded!
"ZynVaded!™ is a tabletop miniatures game unlike any you’ve likely seen before, because you literally fight battles on a table top (or desktop, or countertop, etc.)! In it, you assume the role of one faction of the Zyn, an inch-high, insectile alien race determined to conquer our planet, one cluttered surface at a time! You can choose to play as either the Kyll’al, the militant arm of the alien invasion, or the Sav’m, the rebellious faction looking to halt the invasion."
A successful Kickstarter will allow the company to upgrade to mass production and help to reach a much broader audience, as well as getting some really great stretches and rewards!