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Wayland Games "acquires" Beasts of War

According to their site and their new property Tabletop Nation, Wayland Games is partnering with Beasts of War on a new project with a view to completely fold Beasts of War into the new entity.
While discussions are advanced for Beasts of War to become a wholly-owned but journalistically independent media subsidiary of Tabletop Nation, for other partners such as local stores it is important to understand that what is proposed is not a franchise-type arrangement: it is anticipated that for most commercial organisations, being “part of Tabletop Nation” will build on a common vision through some sharing of branding, purpose and delivery.

We can confirm that from March next year Tabletop Nation will have its home located just to the east of London, where it will be served by excellent rail, road and air links. Facilities will include a showpiece store, a modern gaming centre, and a media and production studio.

It's not immediately apparent what Tabletop Nation is from the site:
For gamers there’ll be more news and reviews, better product access both in-store and on-line, and more events and opportunities to enjoy your hobby, all captured within a global brand with local flavours.

For stores and gaming centres there’ll be better merchandising, faster access to more stock, support for EPOS and on-line merchanting systems to reduce overheads while widening the range of products that can be offered, and training opportunities and participation in industry-wide initiatives.

For manufacturers and developers there’ll be access to a bigger and faster growing market, that will be increasingly open to new ideas and genres, with more opportunities for unified and targeted promotional activities, and support for new products and ventures including market research, game development and marketing support.

Some kind of hybrid news, distribution, turn key retail store not-franchise operation?  This editor is both confused and excited.