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Way of the Fighter Coming February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day! *punch in the mouth* *spinning roundhouse kick* *sweep the leg*
Ok, so you're not generally supposed to fight on Valentine's Day, but if you're picking up Way of the Fighter when it's released, then it'd be a good way to spend a romantic evening (at least, I think so, and if you're a lady who agrees, call me :D ;) ... I think I just figured out why I'm single... Wow, this got dark. Let's get back to talking about the game). Anyway, Way of the Fighter brings the action and excitement of old-school fighting video games right to your tabletop.

From the announcement:

Ninja Division Publishing™ LLC is excited to announce Way of the Fighter™, a new player vs player card and dice fighting game created by Benjamin Yamada, will be available February 14th! Way of the Fighter™ joins Ninja Division’s range of incredibly successful products including: Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars, Relic Knights, Luchador!, Codinca, and DrunkQuest.

Way of the Fighter™ is a hard-hitting, high-jumping, leg-sweeping, fireball-dodging fighting-style card and dice game for 2 players. Featuring 10 unique fighters—each with diverse backgrounds and powerful skills and abilities—players go head to head, employing strategic actions to weaken one another. Rolling dice to determine attack speed and using cards to enact specific abilities and actions, players ultimately attempt to knock out one another to become the victor in this boardgame street battle! Way of the Fighter is available in two core sets; Way of the Fighter SUPER and Way of the Fighter TURBO. Expansion fighter decks are soon to follow with new techniques, new tactics, and new fighters that bring even more fun to the Way.

Way of the Fighter™ is a customizable card game that allows players the ability to create their own custom decks by swapping technique packs between fighters with matching combat styles. With numerous configurations available based on associated combat styles between various fighters within the expanding array of the game, players can test out new techniques and create even more unique configurations for their character. Flexible and fun, Way of the Fighter’s fast fighting gameplay mechanics and dynamic deck construction ensure it is great for novice and experienced players!

It's time to train hard, throw down, and follow the Way of the Fighter!

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