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Wave VII For X-Wing Now Available

All pilots to your ships! All pilots to your ships!
Wave VII for the X-Wing Miniatures game is now available. With it comes some pretty heavy artillery. Missiles and torpedoes and mines, Oh my!

The new ships are the YV-666, the Kihraxz fither, the K-Wing, and the TIE Punisher. So Scum & Villainy gets a pair of ships and the Rebels and Imperials get one apiece. But as I mentioned, this is some pretty heavy artillery. Particularly the K-Wing and the TIE Punisher, since they can be equipped with all manner of ordinance. Add to that the upgrade card that lets you double the mileage you get out of your secondary attack cards.

So, while you might not be able to actually hear an explosion in outer space, you know we'll still be going "Boom!" when something gets blown up.