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Wave 32 For Bushido Available To Order

Six new figures will soon be making their way to your gaming tables as you look to take over your own little bit of the Jwar Isles. Yes, Bushido players are getting some new figures next month, with the Jung Pirates making out like bandits (see what I did there?) with 4 new releases. The Ito get a new figure. The Savage Wave is getting a figure. And the Cult of Yurei gets two. Wait... isn't that more than 6? Read on.

Well, with the Jung Pirates, they get some pretty important stuff. Namely, they get Mari Jung, the Pirate Queen. After that, they're getting Asami the sea witch. Then there's Sho, who doesn't get a fancy title. Then there's the figure that crosses between several factions, the Bog Kami (it'd also fit in well with that previous story about Into the Bayou, in fact). The Savage Wave, Cult of Yurei, and Jung Pirates can all take that spirit into battle. Cult of Yurei is also getting a set of Plague Rats. Finally, the Ito are getting Jirou, their bannerman.

Orders are being taken now, with delivery to start on the 9th of December.