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Watson & Holmes Is Now Available From Asmodee

*puts on a long coat, grabs a pipe, and puts on one of those... detective... hats...* ... What are those things called, anyway?
Bah, that's a bit of investigation to partake in at another time. Right now, crime is afoot! And you're the ones to solve it. Make your way all around London, getting in touch with contacts, in order to figure out whodunnit. Watson & Holmes is now available from Asmodee. *blows bubbles out of the pipe*

From the announcement:

The streets of Victorian London: a wellspring of crime in all its forms—theft, arson, the drug trade, blackmail, and murder most foul. And though the police may be hopelessly bewildered by all these dark misdeeds, you are not the only one capable of cracking the case. In fact, only one of you can win the glory of finding the solution first! Take to the streets, investigate the crime scene, and solve the case—Watson & Holmes is now available at your local United States retailer.