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Watchful I Studios running 28mm Ancient Chinese Warring States/Qin Dynasty Miniatures Kickstarter

Watchful I Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their 28mm Warring States/Qin Dynasty miniatures. Though most of them are made for historical-style gaming, they also have some demons and fu dogs and such for you Eastern-style-fantasy miniatures gamers.
The campaign is 3/5 to their goal with still 29 days left on the clock to get in on the action.
For a look into the creation of Watchful I Studios, check out Ravage Magazine US issue 18.

From the campaign:

This is the first army of a planned range that represents the civilizations and their mythical creatures on Asian Continent during the late B.C. / early A.D. time period. Our goal is to hopefully release this army followed by several new armies that will support a rules system that we are currently writing.

In the meantime, our Warring States / Qin Dynasty army range is capable of being used for your favorite rules systems and can be combined with other miniature ranges. Our miniatures are true 28mm and match up well with against the popular miniature ranges in the industry.