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Watchful I Studio announces new 28mm Historical & Fantasy Ancient Chinese Warring States / Qin Dynasty miniatures

Watchful I Studio posted up a bunch more photos of artwork and renders for their upcoming Warring States/Qin Dynasty miniatures they'll be bringing to Kickstarter soon. Not just historical minis, they'll be delving into the lore and mysticism of the far East, with dragons, undead, and kitsune miniatures as well.
I've always been a sucker for a good eastern-style dragon mini.


From the post:

Watchful I Studio was created as a gaming company back in May of 2014 and will be producing all types of miniatures, card games, board games, and other gaming accessories for both the historical and fantasy markets. Their first product range will be 28mm historical and fantasy miniatures focusing on the Chinese Warring States and Qin Dynasty period. The company will be embarking on their initial Kickstarter launching Monday, March 23rd at 12pm EST.

The Warring States range will include the core elements of an ancient Chinese army including infantry equipped with a wide range of weaponry, light and heavy chariots, various types of cavalry and the officers to lead them. Building on top of the core range will be two more launches including a fantasy element and support troops such as animated Terracotta warriors, dragons, undead warriors, exorcists, war engines, siege bows, shield-bearers, and war drums to name a few.

“We are very proud of our first product launch and I am excited to bring a fantastically broad range of miniatures to the market. Today’s technology and the advancements in the manufacturing process has enabled small players like Watchful I Studio to enter a very competitive and challenging market. We want to provide a great product for a very competitive price,” – Joe Krone, owner of Watchful I Studio.

About Joe Krone – A hobbyist since his time at university he began working in the gaming industry by the mid-1990s. He spent 6 years as a marketing, promotions and events manager with Games Workshop and then worked as the global events manager for Battlefront Miniatures. He has contributed to publications such as White Dwarf magazine; Wargames Illustrated; Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy; Ravage magazine; Flames of War 3rd Edition, and wrote Land of the Free from Osprey Publishing.