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Watchful I Studio announces Chinese Warring States and Qin Dynasty Period warriors

Watchful I Studio is showing off renders for their first-ever minis project. They're working on historical Chinese Warring States and Qin Dynasty Period minis.

That period of history has always fascinated me. I took an Eastern Civ. class back during my undergrad days that I absolutely loved. And if the project stays a bit more with the "purely historical" aspects, rather than going into the more "fantasy culture" forms, it'd be pretty unique out there.


From the announcement:

We are very proud to announce our first project under the banner of Watchful I Studio. We have designed and will be launching a Kickstarter in the near future for these Chinese Warring States and Qin Dynasty Period warriors. We have optimized the design process to give you unarmored, light armored, and fully armored warriors including several weapon, shield, and head options. The sets will include arms to create standard bearers and head options to create line officers. Our intention for the Kickstarter is to raise enough money to have these fantastic sculpts manufactured in plastic. Enjoy the pics and spread the word. More to come soon...