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Warsong RPG Core Rulebook Now Available

Well, it would seem as though the gods are gone. Just up and left us. Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do. Thankfully, we have the Star Fated who will now be guiding us along. We just have to hope that they do a good job of it. If not, we're all doomed. That's the story behind Warsong, the new RPG that's available now.


The game uses its own version of the D20 system. As you would want with your character creation, it's very open. That continues on through leveling. There's plenty of other options as you go along to make your character do what you want and feel truly unique to you. Items such as Quirks can make even two characters that might otherwise be rather similar actually turn out very differently.

You can get the book in digital or printed form, all at a special, introductory price.